Color Love: Neutral Hues In Interior Design

Color Love

It's no surprise that I'm a lover of colorfully chic spaces, but there are times...special projects where it calls for a mix of neutral colors. While bold rooms are easy to wow, sometimes the textures and subtleties of neutrals truly brings together a space. And believe me, neutrals can be anything but boring.  There's an art in balancing soft textures and tones with more earthy woods and metals that bring together a perfect room.

When working on the interior design for a French Tudor style home, the client wanted more natural, earthy colors. Being inspired by the beauty of rich leathers, fresh cut wood, and organic textures - I pulled together neutral pieces that perfectly played off one another. There's a sense of calm while walking into this living room, and the colors interplay to become a refreshing and relaxing space to read the morning paper, or to unwind after a long day. For this project we did a comprehensive remodel - replacing all the windows to install these gorgeous steel paned beauties.  They created a sense of play between indoors and outdoors - we brought in more natural elements from the outside world within the space to make it cohesive and seamless - adding chopped wood as a decor element, a stunning wooden coffee table, and fresh cut flowers to bring airiness to the space.

The final result? The space is fresh, airy, natural and still bold in it's own beautiful way. Who wouldn't want to sip their morning coffee on that inviting couch?  Check out some of the inspirations on my boards on Pinterest that match the color story and design aesthetic of this darling bedroom I designed (top image below). And don’t forget to pin it yourself!