The Best Tips to Sleep in Style

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The-Best-Ways-To-Sleep-In-Style The average person sleeps over 9,125 full days his or her lifetime, yet we often don't spend the time ensuring that we sleep in style. I see home after home where the living room and dining room are glorious but you walk upstairs and its a bore.  While we invest in our wardrobe and public spaces of the home, the place where we spend over a quarter of our life (in our bed!) doesn't always get the attention it deserves. Even more, its the bookends for your day - the first thing you see in the morning to get you energized and the last thing you'll see before you start dreaming.  And I won't even talk about how a gorgeous bedroom can impact your love why shouldn't it be as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the rest of the home?  Why do we sleep on anything besides luxurious pillowcases, sheets and beautiful duvets? With so much time spent in our bedroom, it's only fair that we make it as glamorous and dreamy (pun intended) as possible so that we always sleep in style.51de145d15668cbae84ecb92458c3c7c So we interviewed Mary Pat Wallace, the founder and owner of Chicago Luxury Beds. Chicago Luxury Beds is dedicated to making sure we not only sleep well, but do it in style - giving everyone the life changing results of a good night's sleep. We sat down with Mary Pat and asked her to share her expert tips on the best ways to sleep in style - from investing in quality, natural materials to sleepwear that makes you look and feel glamorous. After just a few minutes chatting with Mary Pat, we're already dreaming of making our bed an even more luxurious, comfortable and welcoming place!37e2bf6c88812b19d1c3a34a6439c941 Sleep Tips from Mary Pat Wallace of Chicago Luxury Beds: What does sleeping in style mean to you? Sleeping in style means happiness! After a great night sleep, I feel like I can seize the day. Energized, alert, focused, patient, open to all possibilities and challenges. How do you sleep in style? What do you wear to bed, what fabrics/materials make you feel stylish? I love a high quality Egyptian cotton, like the Giza collection from Sferra. The higher the quality of the thread, the softer and more luxurious the fabric is. Thread count a myth -- quality of the fabric is what is most important. Additionally, I always invest in beautiful lingerie: La Perla, Dior, Chantelle. Tell us about your Sferra linen line? There is something for everyone and every budget. They have great basics like Celeste, which is a fabulous percale: light, breathable, easy to maintain. We also have the gorgeous Giza, the ultimate Egyptian Cotton Percale and Sateen, and my personal favorite. Their Grande Hotel line is a great go-to in lovely colors and a very affordable price point. And Sferra's jacquards, prints and lace lines give the consumer options to truly individualize their bedroom design. Finally, the blankets and throws are the perfect icing on the cake in exquisitely plush cotton, merina wool, alpaca and cashmere. Why is sleeping on a bed made from natural materials important? Natural Materials breath, unlike foam and latex, which trap heat. Sleep research shows you sleep better in a cool environment, so natural materials like our finest cotton shirts and wool suits, keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You spend 6-8 hours in your bed, it should be a chemical free oasis for you to retreat to at the end of a busy day.Top 5 (1) Looking for even more ways to sleep in style? Here are a few of our favorite accessories that keep us fashionable and comfortable from night 'till morning. The-Best-Ways-To-Sleep-In-Style-Accessories

  1. Birdies House Slippers: Why should slippers be anything but stylish? We love Birdies, a chic slipper brand that makes house slippers look more like comfortable ballet flats and loafers than anything eerily bright and covered in fuzz. With chic prints like black velvet and cheetah print, we'll take one of each please!
  2. L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream: L'occitane's shea butter has a cult-like following, and we always have it on hand before bedtime to keep our hands ultra smooth, especially during the dry summer months.
  3. Overslept Eye Mask: Eye masks are one of our favorite ways to get a quality nights sleep (especially if you haven't invested in black out curtains yet!). We love this cheeky "overslept" version from Shopbop, and it's perfect for using at home or on the go.
  4. Meurice Chandelier: Luxurious lighting always adds a little glamor to a room, and this Jonathan Adler chandelier is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. We'll gladly stay in any room with lighting that chic!
  5. Chic and Feminine Robe: Style doesn't have to be limited to your bed after all, and we love this flirty and feminine robe to throw on after a refreshing nights sleep.
  6. Comfy Throw Pillow: Throw pillows always add a little style to a bed, and as lovers of bright accents we love this velvety navy version. Chicago Luxury Beds also has an incredible selection of pillows (including their own pillow bar) to make sure you're sleeping and accessorizing in style.
  7. Lace Eye Mask: Since you should always be glamorous from head to toe (even while you sleep), we adore this delicate lace eye mask to keep you sleeping peacefully for hours.
  8. Luxurious Sheets: Sheets and blankets make all the difference when it comes to a good nights sleep, and we love these cute scalloped ones for a more pretty-chic look. Chicago Luxury Beds has become our go-to for the most stylish and comfortable sheets for our clients too!
  9. Tory Burch Fit Bit: While Fit Bits are typically known for counting your daily activity - they're also great for keeping track of your sleep cycles and quality of sleep each night. We love this stylish one from Tory Burch that upgrades the traditional Fit Bit from humdrum to chic.
Have any other tips for getting a stylish nights sleep? We'd love to know them! And a special thanks to Mary Pat and Chicago Luxury Beds for their stylish tips and tricks to a better nights sleep.