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black and white harlequin tile floor in palace

While I usually can be found adding more colors and patterns to my clients room, one of my all time favorites is classic black and white harlequin floor.  It's classic, bold, high-contrast, and goes with just about anything - what more could you ask for of a color combo?  Every time I see a harlequin floor I say 'YES!'  It always makes a statement!  Below are a few favorites that I ran across recently and loved. The first one just grabs me - such a fun way to do a townhouse in London!

black and white checkerboard courtyard walkways

black and white harlequin pattern on stairs


Bar Palladio black and white harlequin floor in Jaipur, India. Designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans, the sprawling azure grounds are a master class in monochromatic chic.


And tell me you wouldn't love to take a dip in this moroccan pool! So sexy!


black and white checkerboard floor bathroom with free standing tub


black and white foyer


Grand Foyer Entrance with black and white Harlequin marble floor


This courtyard isn't quite harlequin, but I couldn't resist because it was so good! This is from L is for LouLou's in London.

Black and white Shell mosaic courtyard Floor at L is for LouLou’s The London after-hours spot of the moment. Named for fashion muse LouLou de la Falaise, masterminded by Robin Birley (of Annabel’s fame), designed by Rifat Ozbek, a giant stuffed animal giraffe at the entrance. Kind of genius.


A few years ago I had the privilege to design and decorate the foyer in the Merchandise Mart Dream Home, complete with a stunning black and white harlequin painted floor.  The room was inspired by Alice's trip down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, full of exaggerated shapes, quirky vintage finds, and colorful pieces - all with a modern-day twist.

While the enchanted forest themed table and huge 1960's Murano tube-glass chandelier were both pretty jaw-dropping, the harlequin floor set the stage for the room. The black and white pattern gave the space a classic, glamorous feel while being so fantastically glossy that it felt like you were standing on water (making the foyer feel a little bit more like Wonderland). We used a marine-finish on a painted floor...as people walked in their literally would ask "is the floor paint wet?" before walking-in.

Dream Home, Foyer With Malachite Wallpaper Displaying Eclectic Mix Of Collections, Interior Design by Summer Thornton Design

Dream Home, Foyer With Malachite Wallpaper Displaying Eclectic Mix Of Collections, Interior Design by Summer Thornton Design

I also loved the floor at the Lake Forest Show House space we designed (images below).  Again, a classic but bold base that set the tone for a wild reading room gallery.

Lake Forest Show House Gallery, Interior Design By Summer Thornton Design

Lake Forest Show House, Book Shelves Styled, Les Touches Drapery, Yellow Coffee Table, Black And White Floors, Interior Design by Summer Thornton Design

Check out a few of my latest favorites I've spotted on Pinterest and let me know which room you'd like to cozy up in!  black-and-white-floors

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