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Pinterest Inspiration Board for Summer Thornton

Recently I've found a pretty phenomenal online mood board of sorts where I've been keeping a lot of my interior design inspiration for projects - its on Pinterest.  If you aren't familiar, Pinterest is basically an online inspiration or mood board that you 'pin' photos to digitally.  And all your facebook/twitter friends can 'pin' theirs too, you can see each others pins, and so on.  I've really come to enjoy it because sometimes I'm looking for fresh new material - new fashion looks, new color combinations, interior design inspiration, etc and a lot of really active twitter users, bloggers, and aesthetically inclined folks have adopted to pinning their favorite things.  So rather than checking every single blog, I just check the pinterest board featuring all of my friends - it shows what they've been pinning recently.  So fun! If you're curious about what I've been pinning - check out for my inspiration wall.  For me I'm focused on pulling creative looks that can be reinterpreted into interior design applications...and of course I'm already pinning interiors that I love. If you aren't a member yet, request an invite (it just takes a day or two for them to send you access), and then start pinning away.  You can segment by all sorts of different things - food, fashion, interiors, etc - I've just used it as a catch-all for inspiration so far.  And of course if you log-in via twitter or facebook you can see what your friends are pinning too. So check it out and follow me on twitter at so you can see what I'm pinning. Oh...and if you see anything on my site that you find inspirational - whether in the inspiration blog or in one of my interior design projects - give it a pin so your friends (including me) can see!

Loved this article – we have been absolutely loving it for collecting ideas and inspirations!