How to Decorate Like a Parisian

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How to decorate and create parisian interiors Ahhh, Parisian style - there's nothing quite like it. From the timeless fashion to gorgeously decorated homes, there's a certain je ne sais quoi that makes Parisian style so glamorous. When it comes to interior design and decor, Parisian interiors are the best and the Parisian's have mastered the art of neo-traditional style, mixing antiques and vintage pieces with stunning modern patterns and designs. Adding a little Parisian flair to your own home may seem hard, but it's actually much easier than you might think. If you're looking to make your space as glamorous as the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, here are a few tips to make your home Parisian chic. white wall Parisian interior with chandelier and tufted sofa Fuse Eras For a Classic Look Parisian interiors stand the test of time by merging old world elegance, vintage details and more modern pieces. To make your home even more Parisian chic, mix classical art with modern pieces for a timeless look. When the house looks curated over years it will stand the test of time.  And don't be afraid of a little patina - a few pieces with some wear will add charm and interest to your space so it doesn't feel too perfect!  Imperfection is beauty! Parisian sunroom and skylight with steel windows and steel doors Bring the Outdoors In Is it just me, or do all Parisians seem to have a green thumb? In most Parisian home tours, I usually spy beautiful plants that add a colorful, natural element to the space. When adding a little Parisian flair to your own home, make sure to bring in a little of the outdoors in with natural plants and flowers (including my personal favorite, Fiddle leaf fig trees which have become increasingly popular). Parisian interior library - books, gold gilt mirror, and antique chevron floors Decorate With Books I love decorating with vintage books. Whether it's organizing them in color order, or stacking antique finds around the living room, books always bring a relaxing, homey ambiance to any space. I've been collecting vintage books from flea markets and antique shops for years, and I always find new ways to decorate with them every season (and best of all, they're an affordable luxury too!)   Get Architectural Let's be honest, some Parisian spaces would be stunning if there weren't a single piece of furniture in them due to their gorgeous architecture.  Whether its 12 ft ceilings, beautiful iron balconies, plaster moldings, marble fireplaces, or herringbone floors, its the old historic elements that really make these spaces amazing.  I'll oftentimes weave these architectural elements into projects that are new construction so that they feel more timeless.  On the French Tudor home we shipped-in antique flooring from France and added steel windows to give it a sense of age.   all white modern parisian kitchen Mix Bright Colors with Clean, Crisp Lines If you're not a fan of bold interiors, sometimes an uncomplicated color palette is the best foundation for your home and certainly there are some europeans who stick to cleaner lines.  If you're a lover of white walls, accent your home with complimentary colors that add a little pizzaz to your relaxing abode. I love blush tones and gold hues paired with simple, clean spaces (like the kitchen above) - and Parisians are notorious for balancing whites and brights together effortlessly. And if you're looking for more decor inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards chock full of more Parisian interiors.