Naples Florida Vacation Home


This home in Naples Florida was a ground-up build where Summer Thornton was brought in to oversee interior architecture and interior design choosing finishes as well as furnishings & decor throughout. Since this was a second home we even went as far as buying all the dishes, kitchen utensils, and filling the frames with photos so that the homeowners could jump right in the pool when they arrived!


When you spend most of the year in the midwest, you know the winters are tough, but the over-the-top tropical look just wasn't right because she really loves a more refined and elegant look. So we found a few favorites - Chinese ginger jars, audubon bird prints, and a riot of blue and white coral to serve as the accents that would pop from a traditional elegant foundation in her tropical retreat. The end result - traditional design with a tropical twist.


Hailing from the midwest, they wanted a place where their kids (now grown and married) could escape the winters to spend time with family and bring their toddlers so grandma and grandpa could enjoy teaching them to swim. On the right weekend you'll find them with as many as four generations of this family ranging all under the same roof enjoying one another's company, family stories, the fine Naples weather, and of course the pool!

Photo Credit: Brantley Photography | Palm Beach Florida