Lake Shore Drive Co-Op


Set in Chicago's most prestigious Co-Op building, Summer Thornton was brought-in to breathe new life and a fresh perspective to this 1929 Rosario Candela designed building.  The homeowner loved the views of the water & the location,  but the decor felt heavy with dark wood Louie XIV boiserie paneling and the layout seemed dated with a galley kitchen. Summer partnered with Liederbach & Graham Architects to renovate, open-up, and give a fresh and colorful facelift to this marquis apartment.


We found inspiration in the color palettes of modern, surrealist & expressionist artists like Hirst, Matisse, Joan Miro, and Mark Rothko - bold, clear colors used with reckless abandon. The result is traditional at its core but with a strong color twist.  The goal was to maintain tradition in its architecture, furniture shapes, and layout, but giving the space an irreverent spin with a bold palette sure to get every party-guest talking.


She's an art fanatic & collector with a love of color. He's an executive in the worlds of finance & technology. This is their city pied-à-terre, where they come to enjoy art, culture, and cuisine after wintering in the south and traveling the world.

Photos by Josh Thornton