Design Inspiration: How to Decorate a Chic Foyer

Interior Design Inspiration


Your foyer is the first space you welcome guests into your home, so why not make it extra chic? In fact, I think the foyer is one of the most important spaces in your home - it sets the tone and creates a first impression.  So I always try to give it a little love (and lots of color!) to make the space welcoming for anyone who comes by.

I always love styling foyers for both my clients and in my own home - its truly one of my favorite spaces because you can create so many different moods and there aren't too many 'practicality' limitations.  It's a space that you can have fun with and create a memorable moment.  One of my favorites was this gorgeous foyer for a single family home in Lincoln Park. The clients wanted a whimsical home, full of charming eccentricities and plenty of style. The foyer was just that too, colorful, bright and full of quirky accents like mismatched frames, antiques and a mix of patterns.

Are you thinking about revamping your foyer to be ultra chic? Here are a few tips (and inspiring foyer images) to make any entryway wow-worthy.



Add a splash of color: If there's one thing you've learned about me, it's that I'm a lover of bold and bright colors. Color shows that you're not afraid to be daring when it comes to design, and even to your approach on life, and I love this funky, kelly green stair runner paired with black and white accents.



Add a funky console table: Add some structure to your entryway with a stylish console table. It's the perfect space to add antique accents, sentimental family photos, fresh cut blooms and more. I love this classic faux bamboo number, which will stand the test of time no matter how your design aesthetic changes.



Get fresh: Adding fresh accents to your home always a good idea, especially a bright, sunny entryway. Consider adding a freshly cut farmer's market flowers or easy-to-maintain succulents & air plants to make your home fresh, even if you don't have a green thumb.



Add some art: Oversized art can do wonders, especially in an inviting entryway. Consider adding a piece of art as a focal point for the foyer, or a collection of art to create a gorgeous gallery wall. Not only will your guests get an immediate sense of your style, but it will add another pretty pop of color.



Mirror, mirror: To add a little luxury to your foyer, consider an antique statement piece like a beautiful gold mirror. Not only do mirrors make a room look more spacious, but I like to use vintage mirrors whenever possible because they add a little romantic patina to the space.


Oh, and if you haven't ever seen the home 0f Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm - check out the photo above (lower right) - pretty amazing!  Looking for more inspiration? Stop by my Pinterest boards to find more ideas to make your foyer stand out!