Color Love: Bold Color in Interior Design

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It's no secret that I'm a lover of bold and quirky color combinations. I love the emotional connection and feeling color evokes when walking into a room, and creating wow-worthy color combinations that make an interior elegant, but never boring. I often find inspiration from the world around me - whether it be the colors of flowers I spy while walking through Chicago, or from my travel, or the world of fashion photography. Translating those colors into palettes for my clients is one of my favorite parts of the design process, and I love using inspirational images to come up with mood boards for my designs.

When working on the interior design for a single-family home in Lincoln Park, I loved using a mix of bright and bold colors in the family's master bedroom.  This client was so much fun - she wanted everything to be daring and bold.  So that's what we did...juxtaposing a gorgeous kelly green and white striped wall with velvet coral chairs and a glaucous powder blue chaise, giving the room plenty of pops of color while keeping the palette cohesive and fresh.

The result?  It's playful, quirky, colorful, yet still luxurious.  I just simply don't believe that luxury can only be attained in muted palettes - an interior can be chic & glamorous even with the bold use of color.  Check out some of the inspirations on my boards on Pinterest that match the color story and design aesthetic of this darling bedroom I designed (top image below).  And don't forget to pin it yourself!

Orange-Green and Blue-graphic

Is it just me or does that coral clad flapper looks like she's telling her puppy -"lets go home and recline on the chaise!"  And isn't that color palette absolutely divine? I am obsessed with coral right now - it can range in hue but no matter the shade each seems to be the perfect mix of orange, pink and red.

What do you think - can luxury only be achieved in muted tones or do you believe in colorful glamour?