Beauty, Brains and Blogging: Emily of Isn’t That Charming & Wandeleur

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Fashionista, savvy business woman, new mom, and charming (to say the least), are just a few adjectives that describe Emily, the blogger behind Isn't That Charming and the lifestyle site, Wandeleur. When she's not snapping adorable outfit posts, styling shoots, or writing for various online magazines, she can be found playing in the skyscrapers of Chicago working as a social media manager for some of the world's largest brands. I'm not sure how she does it all so effortlessly, but we'll take some of whatever she's got! Get to know a little more about this inspiring lady and see a few snaps of her cute Roscoe Village apartment. Isnt-2BThat-2BCharming_Top-2BChicago-2BFashion-2BBlogger_White-2BBlouse-2Band-2BFedora

Name: Emily Charron

Occupation: Blogger at Isn’t That Charming, Co-Founder of Wandeleur, and Social Media Marketing Manager at DDB Chicago

Current City: Chicago, IL


First off, tell us a little about your site, Wandeleur! What inspired you to start it?

Wandeleur is a creative lifestyle website where we highlight individuals that we admire and share stories that ignite an imaginative lifestyle. The stories we feature range from DIY guides, to beauty routines, to interior design ideas. Ultimately, we aim to be a daily destination for those who aspire & inspire – a place where you always walk away inspired to live a more colorful life.

I started the site because I wanted to create a place that channeled creativity to the core. Creative people and ideas are the heart of the site, and I am so proud to be a part of something that helps to highlight and celebrate that mindset.

What has been the most rewarding part so far, and what do you love about working in a creative field?

The most rewarding part has been seeing people embrace the site with open arms and share stories that they find interesting. I love the idea that I’ve helped to ignite ideas and possibilities in others! I believe creativity is reciprocal. You admire and take in the creativity of others, which helps to ignite your inner creativity, and thus you are able to create things that are bigger and better than before. That’s the best part about working in a creative field – being inspired and (hopefully) being inspiring. Seeing that reciprocation in action.


Where would you like to see yourself and Wandeleur in the next 3-5 years?

I’d love to see Wandeleur grow to be a top lifestyle blog in the nation. I plan to do all I can to make that happen! Hopefully in 3 – 5 years, I’ll be working from a beach side lake house, with a cup of coffee in my hand, and lots of time in my day to continue to grow the site while enjoying plenty of time with my family. That’d be an absolute dream.

What's one tip of advice that you would share for anyone who aspires to start their own online magazine?

Growing and building a following is hard work, and one that takes time. Know what you’re getting into before you start, and have realistic expectations for growth. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Where do you find new inspiration, or - how do you stay inspired?

I read as much as I can get my hands on! Often I find that when I check out, writer’s block comes. It’s when I’m taking in the world around me - whether through social media, the news, magazines or books - that the most (and best!) ideas come to mind. I’m also a huge fan of music. There’s hardly a moment when I don’t have something playing!

If you could collaborate with anyone on a project, who would it be and why?

Ellen DeGeneres, because she has a contagious laugh and would be a blast to work with!


Emily At Home:

Lets talk about your home! How long have you lived there?

I live in Chicago, currently in a neighborhood called Roscoe Village. I moved to this area prior to having my daughter and absolutely love it. It’s more spacious than Lincoln Park, where I lived in the city before, and has the cutest boutique stores and restaurants!

What’s your favorite room in your home and why?

My favorite room is my dining room, because it has so much character! Our décor is personal and eclectic – it’s very boho chic. There’s everything from vintage pieces and DIY projects to modern store finds. My dining room pulls in all these aspects in a fun way.


What’s your favorite part of your home to style?

Hands down, my coffee tables! I’m forever playing around with the placement of items on them. It’s cool to see what different looks you can make through the simple swapping and mixing/matching of interesting pieces.

What’s your favorite “find” in your home?

Oh wow, I have too many to have a favorite! Notably, I found these really rustic, green boat oars at a flea market that are now hanging above our living room couch and I just adore them. I also found a stove from the early 1900s at a barn in Wisconsin that currently holds our entertainment system. I love things that have history, that tell a story.


How has your home transformed over the years? Has it changed with your own style?

My home has become more streamlined with my style over the years. I used to save everything, which resulted in lots of clutter. But, through different city moves, I have learned to appreciate the art de-cluttering. I now only keep things that I use regularly or that have significant meaning to them. This has resulted in clean, simple décor that still has a lot of character.

What’s the one home styling trick or tip you couldn’t live without?

Styling things in odd numbers is the most aesthetically pleasing! I find that working with 3’s is best.


A few of Emily's favorite things:


Favorite Flower: Peonies

Drink of Choice: Water

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

Most Prized Possession: My wedding ring

I love my: Family

My personal hero is: My two month old daughter, Gracie

 I’m reading: The Girl On The Train

I’m watching: Friday Night Lights

I’m listening to: John Mayer. Always.

Last purchase or splurge: J.Crew military jacket for fall

My Guilty pleasure: Wine

Favorite vacation spot: The shores of Lake Michigan

Favorite item in my home: Our dining room table, which my husband made

Favorite quote: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abe Lincoln