Artist Profile: Tim Anderson – Chicago

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For many years my husband and I have been really interested in, and have begun collecting painted portraits.  We're starting a small collection which are lining our entryway and stairwell.  Most of the portraits are vintage and antique portraits, but we're starting to mix in some new/contemporary works as well. A friend of ours who also is our very talented website designer, Kyle from Knoed recently posted on facebook a request for friends to share their favorite Chicago fine artists.  It made us think about all the artists we've used for our interior design projects, and while some were Chicago-based, many were from other parts of the country.  But one of the artists suggested was Tim Anderson, whose work we've admired for a while, and is of course focused on portraits.  They're somewhat abstract but not completely removed from reality.  And there's great range - some are more 'real', while others push more abstract.  Below we've included a few of our favorites. We think they're just beautiful. Hope you enjoy them as well. Who knows, maybe we'll have one of his works hanging in our hallway before too long... Tim Anderson - Chicago Artist - Portrait #8 Tim Anderson - Chicago Artist - Vulcan Portrait Chicago Portrait Artist Tim Anderson - Paloma Tim Anderson - Chicago Portrait Artist - Prometheus Tim Anderson - Chicago Portrait Painter Chicago Artist - Tim Anderson Portraiture Oh, and you can buy his work from Thomas Masters Gallery in Chicago Who are some of your favorite living artists?  Anyone from Chicago?

Hi Summer–Great post–thanks for introducing me to Tim Anderson. My dad is actually an artist and is in a portrait phase–thought you might enjoy his work–also more abstract portraits. I live in Evanston, but he’s in Ottawa, Ont. Here’s a link to one of his recent gallery shows:
We’ll have to visit the Thomas Masters Gallery next time he visits.

  • I know this post is months past, but thought you might like some of Vivian Maier’s work. Though not a painter, her story and photos (which include lots of portraits) are amazing. My husband is really excited about her work and her story. We are going to see some of her work on Saturday…