Artist Profile: Julie Blackmon

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Julie Blackmon "Portrait" Julie Blackmon's "Portrait"[/caption]

Julie Blackmon's "Tinkertoys"

Julie Blackmon's "Tinkertoys"

About a year and a half ago while at Art Chicago I ran across a new artist's work that I fell in love with. Every few months her work comes back to mind, oftentimes when visiting a client with young children.  It's the perfect blend of beauty, aesthetic intrigue, and yes, the perfect amount of imperfection.  The chaos, the wildness, yet somehow peace and tranquility.  There's something about the work that evokes this beautiful blend of reality and fantasy about the life of a family with children. To see more of Julie's work visit Julie Blackmon's Website Is there an artist whose work always inspires you?  Who is it?  Drop a link to some of their work in the comments...  

One of my fave photo artists is Martine Roch, whose art is currently at Annenberg Space in Los Angeles. it was a pleasure to meet her and learn about her creations!