Artist Profile: Esther Stewart


artist-profile-esther-stewart You know I'm a lover of all things bold and beautiful, so when I first laid eyes on Esther Stewart's gorgeous paintings, I immediately fell head over heels. The Melbourne based artist has made a big impact on the Australian art scene since she graduated just a first short years ago, and her brightly patterned paintings have become a favorite of designers from around the world - not a small feat for a mid-20-something artist! When you take a look at Esther Stewart's paintings, you'll see what all the fuss is about. She effortlessly mixes complementary colors with a quirky palette, geometric shapes and optical effects to make a painting that literally stops you in your tracks. There's something both tranquil and energetic about her paintings, and I would happily add any of the pieces below to my home (wouldn't you?!)  Esther if you're reading this - hook me up! esther-stewart=paintings tumblr_ndeggiifkM1qbnsuko3_1280 Her distinctive style is something that's evolved over the years, and has even drawn attention from some of the top fashion designers like Valentino, who collaborated with her for their Fall 2015 collection. He translated her pieces beautifully into wearable art for their women's accessories and his menswear collection, creating bright and bold pieces that made her famous in the designer fashion world. And I can definitely see why - I'll take one of everything below please! Valentino-and-Esther-Stewart Keep an eye out on Esther in the coming years as I'm sure she'll continue to make a big splash in the art world. Now I just have to get my hands on some of her beautiful pieces for some upcoming design projects!Esther Stewart DSC_9280_l Follow my blog with Bloglovin Any other contemporary artists you love? I'd love to hear your favorites (and feature a few of them too!)