Tory Burch is a modern style icon.  But not only for her fashion - she's built a killer business, has the most amazing houses, supports women entrepreneurs, and of course she looks great while doing it all!  Each season I'm excited to see the ads her brand creates.  They have this way of setting just the mood she was after - sometimes dreamy, other times more preppy or boho.  I love using a mood to set the tone for a design so oftentimes will build a room around a mood, a place in time, a photograph, or an outfit - those will serve as the inspiration and jumping off point for a design.  I often look to Tory’s ads or fashions for inspiration, and adore her ability to mix vibrant colors and patterns in unexpected ways.

Tory-Buch-Office-ChicAn entrepreneurial woman’s office is her castle, and Tory’s Manhattan home office is incredibly (and expectedly) chic.  Beyond her status as a fashion icon, I also see her (most importantly in my world) as an interiors icon. Each of her stores, offices, and homes are the perfect mix of classic style with a bohemian bent. I love the way she deploys bold color in an ever so chic way & how she mixes patterns with abandon not only in clothes but in upholstery.  In her office I love the mixed shades of blues as well as her attention to the tiniest details - the perfect place setting, a trim detail on a pillow or sofa, a pop of cobalt china on the wall.  Those details are what make the design.


Similarly to her interior design aesthetic, her iconic pieces are timeless & classic but still bold.  Depending on the season and collection they vary but always maintain a chic feel with a dash of boho-whimsy.  Most people gravitate towards her preppy patterns, but I’m personally a fan of some of the edgier pieces in her collections.  A hint of 70's, a moody dark lace, a bold contrast stripe or an asymmetrical skirt.

Tory Burch in front of Patterned Wall and Window

But what I love most of all about Tory...that she does it all while looking so effortless!

What Tory Burch pieces or spaces are you inspired by?