Whenever I think of funky, bold style, Iris Apfel immediately comes to mind. At 94 years old, Iris is the embodiment of the "more is more" philosophy. What I love about her is that she's not afraid to play with mixed-prints, bold colors and luxurious textures - whether she's dressing herself or decorating her Manhattan apartment.


Iris breaks all the fashion "rules": There's no pattern, color, or trend that doesn't go together! Whether she's at the Met Gala or home on the weekend, Iris seems to always be dressed up and ready to put on a show, and that's one of the many reasons I love her impeccable and quirky style. I love her unapologetic attitude on fashion too. She was famously quoted saying, "If you don't dress like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else", and I don't think any other quote could capture her quirky style more perfectly.

Iris-Apel-Bold-and-Bright when-you-dont-dress-like-everyone-else-you-dont-have-to-think-like-everyone-else

Not only is she a fashion muse and icon,  but also a designer in her own right having worked on White House restoration projects for 9 presidents in her lifetime. Which seems odd to me given that, her home is a bold and playful environment, far from the stiff designs of the white house, but her involvement there was in recreating historic textiles.  I adore the way she uses pieces and inspiration from around the world to create a homey but elegant space. The details of those Moroccan throw pillows, the poppy red English chair, and gorgeous Dutch paintings all work together to create a lively room with lots of personality.

Her love of vintage decor and mix of colors reminds me of a Lincoln Park single family home I worked on. Both spaces blend antique pieces with bright, bold colors all the while infusing inspiration from cross-continental travel.

Iris-Apel-Style-At-HomeI know, like Iris, that I will always be inspired by the intersection of the world of fashion and design - and I hope to be just as stylish as she is when I'm 94!  Is anyone else as obsessed with Iris Apfel as I am?