I Love Vintage: Maison Jansen

I Love Vintage



I love all things Parisian:  The effortless chic style, inspiring culture, and the always-stunning interiors.

Whenever I visit Pairs, I'm inspired by the impeccable combination of modern, sophisticated luxury with the perfect mix of classic antiques and vintage pieces. One of my favorite Parisian based designers was Maison Jansen (house of Jansen), founded by Jean-Henri Jansen, who's work was prominent around the globe in the late 1880's. Known for his traditional pieces, with influences from his travels in Japan and Turkey, Jansen was best known for his interior design work, as well as the unique furniture his company, House of Jansen, custom-made. His most iconic pieces are primarily in the Louis XIV, Louis XVI, Directoire, and Empire styles, which he used in his interior design projects around the world.  What's I find most impressive about Jansen was that he is considered to have founded the first global design company, with his work spanning continents from North America to the Middle East.  He did it with design and style that was so forward-thinking and counter-cultural.  Think of the late 1800s - it was victorian era but his pieces are streamlined and bring in hints of Asia with pagoda shapes and patterns, some whimsy with unique metal finishes and shapes, and modern lines as a point of contrast.  They must have really been different then when design was much more in-line with the period, but now they work so well into designs that weave new with vintage.  Plus, can you ever go wrong with black and gold gilding?  I suppose you can, but these furniture pieces are perfection.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of Jansen's work, including that gorgeously simple bar cart - perfect for serving cocktails at your next party!


There are so many aspects of Jansen's work that I admire - his attention to detail, the impeccable quality of his one-of-a-kind commissions, and his incredibly modern work that he created over a hundred years ago. Even today, there's something  truly special and modern about his pieces - and I continue to draw inspiration from his work when working on projects for my own clients. Who wouldn't want any of these gorgeous gilded pieces to grace their living room? I think we all need one (or two!) to add to our home decor.