How to Style a Stunning Coffee Table

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One of my favorite pieces of furniture for the living room is oftentimes the coffee table, particularly when I can find something quirky and vintage. Coffee tables anchor every space and are the ideal place to show off your personality and add a sleek, chic element to typically soft, textured rooms. The coffee table is the place to go bold, take risks, and create an edgy moment that will set your home apart and give your visitors something to talk about. The coffee table itself is key but what about creating that perfect vignette? Read on for the crucial elements to include when you want to style a stunning coffee table.


Set the tone

The first thing to do is decide on the tone you want to set for the space. If you’re aiming to create a chic-yet-relaxed feel in your living room, be sure to incorporate some natural elements such as an antique wood sculpture or a vintage vessel. These organic pieces will bring the room down to earth and ensure it doesn't feel too precious. If you want to create a more formal vibe, be sure to add in more luxe materials such as brass, marble, or glass.  Think a Lucite tray with gold accents or a set of marble coasters.  In the above image I found this amazing vintage purple glass orb that draws the eye and adds a little pop of color and personality.  Those quirky curiosities really show what makes you, you! Everyone who walks into the space asks - where did you find this?!

vintage living room lucite coffee table


Add books

Every coffee table should have at least a few books. Not only do they ground any space and give you a chance to display your gorgeous tomes, they can be used to create a color story for the surface and serve as great conversation pieces. In the space above, the bold pink sofa is balanced by a subtler palette of nude and black, which creates a sense of balance and sophistication. These hues are carried through in the books casually adorning this chic glass and Lucite coffee table. Including books is also a great way to bring in different heights and add layers – consider stacking a tray or vase full of fresh flowers atop your coffee table to create a more sophisticated, erudite look.

French Apartment Living Room with Coffee Table and chevron floors


Make it personal

They say you are what you eat. I say you are what you keep. If you look at the most stunning spaces you’ll see that they all have one thing in common: personal touches. Of course, nothing takes my breath away like a stunning statement-piece – they’re critical to creating that wow-factor that makes you the envy of all of your friends (hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it). But it’s the small, unexpected moments that do the most to make a home feel layered, collected, and lived-in. That vintage tray from your favorite flea market in Paris? Those shells from this summer’s trip to Nantucket? Your favorite candle from Barney’s? The coffee table is the perfect place to display your most cherished items. The bottom line is this: Your home should be a reflection of who you are and how you live. And little accents like these are an effortless way to let your chic, well-heeled personality shine through.

colorful living room with faux bamboo coffee table


Don’t forget flora

As with personal touches, the most elegant, timeless homes all include plants and fresh flowers. You can add a sense of drama with an arrangement of palm fronds and Bird of Paradise flowers, or set a more tranquil tone with a simple maiden-hair fern. The choice is yours! Including gorgeous plants and flowers adds visual interest to every room, and is a stylish way to add a hit of color and texture. Just be sure to switch it up regularly. I love using plants to usher in a new season. And getting fresh flowers every week is a surefire way to make sure your home always looks thoughtful, polished, poised and never boring. Just like you.

Classic Blue California Living Room Relaxed Traditional with blue hydrangea


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