Palmolive Building Condo


Contemporary styling from the early 2000's dated this apartment, so we were hired to design & remodel it to its pre-war styling with classic design cues and detailing. All new moldings, updated stone and tiling, new kitchens and baths, and of course a fresh palette & tailored furnishings made this Palmolive building luxury condo remodel a beauty.


Create a home that's dressy enough to entertain Gatsby but still feels fresh, not heavy. Sheen is the story - gilded details and hand painted Gracie wallpaper sets the tone as an elegant luxury affair but pops of color make sure it feels fresh.


She's loves everything refined & tailored. He loves her dearly and bought this pied-a-terre as a love gift, trusting her style & our designs to make it gorgeous. Together they live life to the fullest between Chicago and Florida.

Photo Credit: Bjorn Wallander & Josh Thornton