Design Inspiration: How To Style A Bookshelf

Interior Design Inspiration

Bookshelves has transformed over the years from a utilitarian necessity to a beautifully decorative flourish, and I simply adore styling bookshelves for clients and in my own home.

A couple years ago I designed an elegant living room for a David Adler home in Lake Forest, inspired by the quirky glamour of the 1960's. The idea was to create an updated flora and fauna themed room with a contemporary twist.  One thing that I knew I wanted right from the start were some bookshelves because the space was supposed to feel like a romantic reading room.  The colors and textures make the room feel sexy and chic, while remaining the perfect place for daydreaming. Best of all, the bold and colorful shelves perfectly balance the room, making an otherwise unassuming bookshelf into a eye-catching statement piece. Who wouldn't want to curl up with a book and relax in such an inspiring space?   FINAL-how-to-decorate-a-bookshelf

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So, what are the secrets to perfectly styling your bookshelf?

Start by styling the shelves with a variety of antique & vintage accessories to make it unique & personal - adding brushed metal mirrors, quirky vintage vases, framed photos, or other charming bits and baubles.  They set the tone for the room's (& showcase your) personality!

To give the space a fresh touch, I'll often add fresh flowers, ferns, or succulents to bring out more earthy, natural tones and give the shelves a bit of life (literally).  Just remember - when it comes to styling, always be adventurous. Don't be afraid to mix bright colors, bold accents and varied textures together to give the space a sophisticated look!

And of course you can't forget about books!  I oftentimes use bright and colorful vintage books from flea markets and old bookstores to give the space a cozy feel. Pair like-colors to make the space look even more organized and chic, while still keeping the room bright and fun.  For current reading material I'll remove the dust jackets, or wrap in marbled paper or craft paper to create a consistent (and non-glossy) binding appearance.







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