Design Inspiration: How To Style A Bar Cart

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 I love adding a touch of romance and glamour to every space I design, and one of my favorite pieces to style is a vintage bar cart. Whether invoking a little Great Gatsby feel, or just creating a fresh moment for cute drinks, a well styled bar cart is a throwback to the simple yet sophisticated days past, and they add a touch of Old Hollywood glamour to any room.   And there are few bar carts that are more beautiful than the sexy brass & goatskin bar cart I used for a project in Atlanta. Their taste was more refined and classic so the styling matched to bring a chic touch to their home. Knowing that summer is coming to a close, I'm trying to get in my last few summer parties, so here are a few of my favorite pieces to style a bar cart for your summer get together:


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So, what's the best way to style a bar cart for summer? Rule #1: There are no rules!

While some people like to use a muted color palette, I'm a big believer in a "more is more" philosophy when it comes to decorating anything - bar carts included. Rather than just choosing one or two accent colors, why not go a more bolder route with mixed brights, patterned glasses and a fun balance of vintage and modern pieces that are perfect for the season?



For a summer bar cart,  I tend to gravitate towards vintage inspired glassware pieces, and many of my favorites  were found on my travels to flea markets around the world. I love the vintage colored glass that reminds me of Don Draper's bar cart after a long day at the office, complete with 60's funky patterns or bright colors. To really mix things up, I make sure to add a touch of glamour to give the bar cart a more overall refined look. This vintage inspired decanter and sleek gold accessories really bring the styling together, while accenting the space perfectly. One of my favorite secrets is to always add something fresh to complete the styling process,  whether it be fresh cut farmer's market flowers or a colorful bowl of lemons, to keep the cart fresh and colorful.



The best part about bar cart styling is that you're always able to give it a new look with a few simple styling tricks. Decorate for the seasons, giving your cart a bright and floral makeover in the summer (like the examples above), or a more muted gold and white tone in the winter. I often find books, vases, or other home decor accents from around my own home and intermix them whenever possible to change up the style regularly.



Now get out there and host a end-of-summer party, but be sure to style your bar cart first!