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Cafe Savoy - Prague - Chandelier in Kitchen

Cafe Savoy's Kitchen - Prague

There's nothing that makes a kitchen more romantic and alluring than a chandelier.  While in Prague this summer we visited Cafe Savoy for lunch.  If you head downstairs you can get a peek in the kitchen which is a beautiful blend of industrial & romantic touches.  It proves that a kitchen can be completely functional and chic at the same time.  And it also reinforces my love of the black and white harlequin floor!  Every home should have one - whether in the foyer, the kitchen, or a bathroom - it's a must have!  And the same can be said for a gorgeous chandelier.  Put both in the same room, particularly a kitchen, and we'll really turn up the style! And since you're probably curious about the rest of Cafe Savoy's interior, we've included a photo below of the dining room.  It has a beautiful Art Nouveau interior throughout, and delicious food as well.
Cafe Savoy - Dining Room - Prague

Cafe Savoy - Dining Room - Prague