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Canopy Beds

I adore all things romantic: From pretty patterned wall paper to claw foot tubs to impractically puddled drapes.

One of my impractical (but ever-so-romantic and beautiful) design favorites has been bright and bold canopy beds that add luxurious flair to any bedroom.  Done wrong and they can look tacky - a little too Las Vegas or Shah's of Sunset - "faux fancy" you might say.  But done right, with some fresh twists, or in a space with modern touches, and it can be dramatic and still current.  Originally made as a piece of functional furniture to keep beds warm and reduce noise for the upper class and royalty, canopy beds have now become a statement piece in traditional and vintage inspired spaces. While it may not be a display of wealth as it used to be, there are a variety of of styles - from the modern metal version to ones made with gorgeous velvets and linens. Keeping up with my colorful decorating obsession, here are a few of my favorite canopy beds that I can't stop thinking about. Is there anything more romantic than a canopy bed?

Colorful Canopy Beds 2

1: Victorian flair: Two words: gold & cobalt blue. This dreamy combination is perfect for any princess, and I adore the mix of patterns and bold brights.

2. Royal red: Fit for a queen and a sexy too. The deep royal red and pink canopy curtains make this luscious room one of my favorites.

3. Crisp whites: Sometimes you have to return to the classics, and these soft dreamy whites make for a truly relaxing space.

4. Mellow yellow: Going with my favorite theme (brights!), this yellow little girl's room is a chic alternative to softer pink hues.

5. Modern & elegant: I love the structured, gold frame as a highlight to the green and yellow accents.

6. The best of both worlds: Can't decide between a more traditional or modern canopy bed? This yellow draped number is the best of both worlds, and looks elegant in front of a velvet backdrop (and luxe accents.)

Which of these canopy beds fir your style? I'm not sure about you, but