Beauty, Brains and Blogging: A Q&A With Laura Platt of Bright and Beautiful

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When it comes to bold & brave entrepreneurs, bloggers and writers, I'm a big fan.  So I'm very excited to interview Laura Platt, the dynamic Chicago blogger behind Bright and Beautiful. One thing that I love about Laura is that we both share a love of bright and bold colors, we both love peonies, and her favorite quote - "life is full of little pleasures" is so true.  Learn more about Laura's style, home and a few of her favorite things in the Q&A below!


Name: Laura Platt

Occupation: Life + Style Blogger

Current City: Chicago

First off, tell me a little about your style blog, Bright and Beautiful! What inspired you to start it? I started my blog in 2013 as a creative outlet dedicated to personal style, beauty and home décor — and to celebrate the everyday things that inspire me along the way. Aside from the blogging world, my professional background is in Public Relations. Between my experience in PR and personal interest in writing, photography and style, creating a blog was a natural (and fun!) progression for me. What has been your favorite part of starting your own blog? I love feeling creative and inspired to do something I’m excited about each day. Another favorite aspect is connecting with readers, and the opportunity to meet and work with wonderfully talented people and brands. I’ve also enjoyed challenging myself by learning new skills, like HTML and CSS, to really take ownership of my site. It’s empowering to push your own boundaries, continually learn, and put yourself out there. weekend-travel-style I love your personal style and style posts. How does your home reflect your personal style? Thank you! I find the parallels between fashion and interiors so fascinating. My personal style and home definitely reflect my liking toward classic and traditional design. In my wardrobe, and at home, I like to mix both high and low pieces — saving for key investment pieces (like a quality sofa and dining table or a great signature handbag), but spending less on smaller or trendy items. I will say: I personally dress more “girly” in pinks and such, while my home feels more balanced and plays to masculine tastes, too.


How long have you lived in your current home? I currently live in Lakeview East and have been at my current home for nearly two years. Coincidentally, I now live on the same block as my first little vintage studio I rented when I first moved to Chicago five years ago! I love being close to Chicago’s beautiful lakefront, especially during the warm summer months. What’s your favorite room in your home and why? I’d say the living room, because it's where everyone gathers! A large reclaimed wood coffee table anchors the room between two facing sofas and an accent chair, which provides a great spot for entertaining and conversation. I also love the living room’s fireplace (which my boyfriend impressively remodeled himself!) and how the room is filled with lots of natural light. What’s your favorite part of your home to style?  The space in my current home I had the most fun with was a guest bathroom. The rest of my home is bright and airy, but I chose to be a bit more dramatic there. The walls are painted a deep gray (nearly black) and the bathroom features an oversized beaded mirror and crystal chandelier. It was fun to do something different, as it provides an element of surprise from the rest of the home. How has your home transformed over the years? Has it changed with your own style? I live in a grey stone originally built in 1910 and I absolutely adore its historic exterior. The interior underwent quite a few recent renovations, so I’m lucky to enjoy some updated features as well, like new kitchen appliances. As for my personal taste, I think I’ll always gravitate toward traditional design... with a few luxe touches here and there, like velvet fabric, animal print and antiqued brass. denim-jacket What’s the one home styling trick or tip you couldn’t live without? My home (and personal style) tends to reflect classic and traditional elements, so I remind myself to take a risk once in awhile. Whether it's incorporating a new color, interesting print or different texture, at least one piece of décor (or accessory) should not necessarily "match" the rest — to provide contrast and a statement to the overall look. Where do you find new inspiration? Inspiration is everywhere! I often turn to art, music, travel, nature, the city, and people I meet along the way. As much as I love finding inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram, sometimes it helps to get your eyes off a digital screen and switch to a different medium, like print books, magazines or a vintage movie. bright-and-beautiful-personal-style If you could collaborate with anyone on a project, who would it be and why? Aerin Lauder. Her style is always elegant yet approachable, fresh, and timeless. blue-and-white-print-dress-6

 A few of her favorite things:


1) Favorite Flower: Peony.

2) Drink of Choice: Champagne.

3) Style Icon: Grace Kelly.

4) I love: Spotify. I enjoy creating playlists for occasions, plus discovering new (and old) music.

5) Last purchase or splurge: A new lens for my camera.

6) My favorite place in Chicago is: The lakefront.

7) If I had a warning label, it would say: But first, coffee.

8) What’s your theme song? "Wildflowers" by Tom Petty.

9) Favorite Store(s) for the Home: Restoration Hardware, Jayson Home, Ballard Designs, Wayfair, Horchow

10) Favorite quote: "La vie est faite de petits bonheurs." ("Life is full of little pleasures.")

To see more of Laura's gorgeous style and inspiration, make sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook and her gorgeous blog...but first, coffee.